We care when you're not there!



Home Boarding

As dog owners ourselves we understand how much you love your dogs and how difficult it is to leave them when you want to go away on holiday.

A warm welcome to allAt Best Buddies we offer Home Boarding, which is the perfect alternative to kennels. Your dogs stay with us in our home, eating their regular food and sleeping in their own bed. We provide all the comforts of home as well as the same care and companionship that we give to our own dogs.

Most dogs enjoy the company of others, and there is plenty of play time and socialisation as well as regular walks around the fields. We have an extensive garden and 7 acres of paddocks, so all our guests can be walked off lead in safety. When its time for a break they can relax in our comfortable farmhouse.

Are you sure this is our bed?We take care of many breeds, large and small, from pups to seniors and have an understanding of their different needs. So we can make sure that we give them the individual care they deserve...and this means lots of fuss every day.

You can relax and enjoy your holiday whilst your dogs are having a very special time with us.

Best Buddies Petcare holds a Home Boarding licence which is issued by Hinckley and Bosworth Council, with an annual renewal by the local dog warden .

Doggy Daycare

A fun day out for your dog at our home.

Daycare is such fun!!You can leave your dog with us for a whole day of companionship and exercise. They will join us on our walks and play in our extensive garden. We have 7 acres of paddocks for safe, off lead exercise. When its time to rest there are plenty of comfy beds in our dog friendly home.

Doggy Daycare offers valuable social time for all dogs, especially young pups, and settles them into our home in preparation for holiday home boarding. Daycare is available 7 days a week, for regular visits or just a one off. Drop off and pick up times are flexible to suit your needs.

Dog Walking

We understand that 'Dogs just want to have fun' and that the best walks are off lead and running free.

All ready for Walkies!!Our specially fitted Pet Taxi will call at your home to pick up your dogs and bring them back to our smallholding. Here they will run free together in our safely enclosed paddocks. Its a great time for socialisation, doggy games or chasing a ball . After the fun is over the dogs are driven home. We settle them in, check they have water and towel dry if necessary.

We generally start the pick ups at around 10.30 and drop off from about 1pm.

Puppy Care

We will visit your puppy in your home before it is fully vaccinated.

Puppies need extra careThe first few weeks of your pup's life are crucial for their development Their experiences at this time will shape their personality and behaviour for life. We understand that your pup needs regular feeding, playtime, house training, handling and socialisation.

We know that you cannot always be there, and so we can visit your pup in your home for garden exercise, play , feeding and general care.

When your pup is fully vaccinated it will benefit from our other services, which will help with continuing socialisation at this critical age. The bond formed on the puppy visits will help to introduce them to our home situation. We can also offer advice on puppy training.

Home Visits

If your dog is unable to join us on our walks or for daycare, we can visit him in your home for feeding, garden exercise or to administer medication.

Pet Taxi

Our specially adapted Pet Taxis are available for safe transportation to the vets , groomers or other locations.

All dogs visiting Best Buddies premises must be fully vaccinated.

It is essential that all dogs are friendly and interact well with other dogs, so that they can enjoy their time with us. We will arrange to meet you and your dogs before any bookings can be confirmed. This gives you the opportunity to meet us and introduce us to your Best Buddies!!